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ISTAT Jetrader Interview with Rich Wiley: the effect COVID-19 will have on leasing companies

San Francisco – January 2021 – In the winter edition of ISTAT Jetrader, Rich Wiley, Executive Chairman of SKY Leasing discusses his career to date, along with the effects he believes COVID19 will have on leasing companies, and furthermore, what to expect from SKY Leasing in the future.

“The current decline in passenger traffic is unparalleled in history, so lessors and airlines will need to adjust quickly. The unexpected pandemic macro-event can be described as global passenger demand and capital disruption at the same time.”

“Demand for capital and fleet planning continues at a rapid pace, so SKY Leasing sees tremendous opportunity to provide a wide range of investors access to new and younger midlife aircraft opportunities.”

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SKY Leasing ("SKY") is a premier aircraft leasing asset manager with offices in Dublin, Ireland and San Francisco, California. It was founded in 2019, in partnership with M&G Investments which acquired a stake in the business and invested $300 million of equity in its first fund. As a full service leasing platform, SKY leverages its experience, global network, industry insights and managerial talent to acquire and lease new and young mid-life aircraft. SKY’s corporate mission is to be a leading capital provider to airlines globally for sale and leaseback transactions.

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